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 Dougie in Evening Echo (southend paper)

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PostSubject: Dougie in Evening Echo (southend paper)   Fri Sep 21, 2007 7:14 pm

Cant wait to get to our gig at the cliffs.
Mcflys bass player on why smaller local gigs are the best.

Forget wembley arena or any other of the countrys top venues -mcflys dougie poynter would
much prefer to be playin at the cliffs pavilion.
The 19 year old from Corringham, has helped the band secure 7 number ones and 2 number
one albums in the past 3 years.
He is now relishing their lastest tour, which starts this month and visits a series of smaller arenas
before finishin at the cliffs, in westclif at the end of october.
"I much prefer playin at smaller venues than the big arenas" says former Gable hall pupil.
"you can see virtually everyone in there and its not really like that at bigger places"
"you can see a few people and a few cameras, but this way its more perosnal and enjoyable. we
cant take our inner ear pieces out becouse its so much louder and often the crowd make more
noise than us".
"it boucnces around off the walls and you can interact with the fans as well. you can ask them
what song they want to hear next and things like that, and it just works out well"

Mcfly will again be treatin those fans to their favourite tracks includin 5 colours, obviously all about you
and star girl.
But it will not be their first appearance at the cliffs, as they also appeared in front of a capacity crowd
back in april.
"last time went to the cliffs it was a wicked show" recalls dougie. "the crowd were amazing and im sure it will be the
same this time too."

Among those in attendence this time round will be serveral familar faces for the bass guitarist and that makes the orsett
born youngster even more apprehensive ahead of his lastet appernace in the area.
"My fanily and friends will be there becouse its local, but that makes me more nervous" says the teenage pim up.
"i cant really stand up there and pretned im cool because they actually know me"

Dougie himself is also used to being part of the audience at the cliffs and that will also add extra excitement to the occcasion.
"its cool going there, but its a bit strange for me at the same time, though, becuase i remember going there for a school trip
in year 7" he laughs " we went to go and watch jack and the beanstalk and it seems strange that people are now comin to watch me,
but im lookin forward to it."

The show will also allow dougie to return home, which is something of a rare occurrance these days.
He was rasied in corringham but now lives close to his band mates harry judd, tom fletcher and danny jones in london
and does not normally have time to head back to south essex.
"i dont get to come back too often anymore" confirms the youngest member of thr group.
"the last time i did was to buy a chocolate labrador up near my mum in corringham, but thats the only time ive been back"

That is due to a hectic schedule which helped mcfly become one of the most successful groups in the country.
Subsequently, they will perform at 16 venues in just 29 days, but that does not concern the bass guitarist.
"touring is great and the best thing about being in the band" he said "everything is just fantansic."

The buzz is what dougie dreamed of during his youth.
His first joined a band while at Gable hall and while that ultimately started his journey to stardom, he does not remember too
much about their music.
"it was kinda pop and punk which we did, but i dont even know what we were called now" he recalls.
"it was something i wanted to do and i wanted something to happen quite quicky with it.Luckly, i then saw an advert for a bass player
between 16 and 21, when i went along to the auditon, it was mcfly and i got in".
Those auditions took place in covent garden and helped form the group which first busrt into the charts in earlt 2004.

Their first single, five colouts in her hair shot straight to number one, but that was only after dougie had worked tirelessy to improve his owb
prowess on the guitar.
"i first started playing it when i was 13, but i didnt actually get that good until i joined mcfly" he admits.
"thats when me and harry (the groups drummer)really worked hard, we practised everyday for 6 months and really
The pair are now reaping the rewards for the effort and endeavour but they show no signs of slowin down just yet.
the groups releasing a "greatest hits so far" compilation this noevmeber and a forth studio album next month. (i guess they mean next year lol)
But dougies hopes for the future are not so much central success.
"i just want to be happy" he said
"as long as we`re all still mates and can make music together then everything will be fine"

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PostSubject: Re: Dougie in Evening Echo (southend paper)   Sat Sep 22, 2007 3:54 pm

i loved the smaller venue gigs.
waay more personal.

its lovely Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Dougie in Evening Echo (southend paper)   Sat Sep 22, 2007 3:55 pm

yea, i'm like you =D

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PostSubject: Re: Dougie in Evening Echo (southend paper)   

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Dougie in Evening Echo (southend paper)
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